The worldwide preferred treatment option for enlarged symptomatic benign nodules, thyroid radiofrequency ablation (RFA) is now available in the United States. 


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thyroid rf ablation v-1000

A common practice in other countries, radiofrequency ablation (RFA) is finally now available in the United States. Developed over fifteen years ago, this non-surgical alternative shrinks the nodules without compromising thyroid function and helps avoid long recovery times of thyroid surgery.   


The Alpinion E-Cube i7 is not only the most powerful but also the most affordable point of care ultrasound system in the market. The combination of its powerful hardware combined with its proprietary algorithm provides the user with a high frame rate and image resolution. In the end, you get an image that captures all the small details of the structures being scanned.  


Introducing the Persona CS Mobile Fluoroscopy System, an advanced c-arm solution designed for rapid single unit positioning within even the tightest OR environment. With a 5kW generator and over twice the power of typical compact c-arms, the Persona CS mobile fluoroscopy system is perfectly balanced to provide superior x-ray performance without compromising on maneuverability.


The Skan-C by Skanray offers a NEW Surgical C-Arm with more robust features without the premium price. It offers a powerful but compact solution for your flouroscopy needs in interventional pain management, neurology (neuro), orthopedics (ortho), urology (uro) and peripheral vascular application. The Skan-C is an Alternative, Affordable, Brand New Surgical C-Arm that competes with the name brand c-arms in terms of quality and features at fraction of the cost!


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