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C-ARM System

Fuji FDR
Cross C-arm

Let’s explore the purpose of fluoroscopy and C-arms. We’ll also cover the best C-arm available on the market today.

Persona C Mobile by Fuji

Introducing the Persona C Mobile Fluoroscopy System, an advanced c-arm solution engineered for fast, precise positioning and advanced image quality.


Persona CS Mobile
by Fuji

Introducing the Persona CS Mobile Fluoroscopy System, an advanced c-arm solution designed for rapid single unit positioning within even the tightest OR environment.


Skan-C Surgical C-ARM
by Skanray

The Skan-C by Skanray offers a NEW Surgical C-Arm with more robust features without the premium price. It offers a powerful but compact solution for your flouroscopy needs in interventional pain management, neurology (neuro), orthopedics (ortho), urology (uro) and peripheral vascular application.


Fluoroscopy uses X-ray imaging to provide real-time visualization of patient anatomy for procedures. These real-time, moving images allow doctors to ensure proper placement of devices and instruments during operations.

Ultimately, fluoroscopy helps to reduce the risk of complications. It is also a versatile technique that is non-invasive compared to other imaging strategies.

Procedures commonly aided by fluoroscopy :

  • Angiography: This test helps physicians visualize blood vessels to determine blockage or narrowing. Using a dye injected into blood vessels, X-Rays then reveal the dye.
  • Barium Studies: Barium tests help you evaluate the digestive tract, such as the stomach, small intestine, and esophagus. The patient first drinks a liquid containing barium which outlines abnormalities in their organs.
  • Spinal Injections: Fluoroscopy helps for visualization of guided spinal injections. The doctor can ensure the ideal positioning of the needle and medicine delivery.
  • Joint Injections: You can use fluoroscopy to visualize joining injections such as the knee, hip, or shoulder. It also helps diagnose arthritis or other joint conditions.
  • Catheterization Procedures: Use fluoroscopy to properly guide catheterization procedures. The physician ensures proper placement of a pacemaker or instruments or an angioplasty.
  • Biopsy procedures: Fluoroscopy enables guided biopsy procedures like liver biopsy, bone marrow biopsy, and more.
  • Stent placement: Small metal devices called stents can be guided to open a narrow or blocked blood vessel.

Surgical C-ARM Machine

A surgical C-arm machine is used in surgical and interventional procedures as a medical imaging device. As per its name it is C shaped and holds an X-ray tube and image detector. With a C-arm you have continuous real life X-ray imaging for the better performance of accurate and precise surgical procedures.

It’s common to see a C-arm used in spinal interventional pain management orthopedic procedures for instant joint injections, kyphoplasty.


Spinal fusions and radiofrequency ablation are all aided by the use of C-arms. You should consider several factors when investing in C-arm equipment. This includes user-friendliness, image storage capabilities, image quality, fluoroscopy time, and more.

Fuji FDR Cross C-arm

Enjoy up to eight hours of battery power completely wirelessly.  You can perform fluoroscopy and X-ray procedures without crowding your operating room or dealing with complex cord placement — which is ideal for emergency or ICU use.

Fuji FDR is a mobile, cord-free, battery-powered C-arm featuring antibacterial coating and interchangeable detectors.

It is a perfectly versatile piece of equipment for several types of surgery or procedures. Let’s take a look at some of the primary features that make the FDR Cross such a valuable piece of equipment for your medical practice.

Imaging Area Size

Standard C-arm solutions offer a smaller imaging area. On the contrary, the FDR offers a larger imaging area. This promotes better visualization during your operations. You can also select a smaller imaging area for reduced patient dose.

Interchangeable and Removable Detectors

Powered by Fujifilm‘s FDR D-EVO III detectors, you can choose from various flat panel sizes in standardized formats such as 10 x 12, 14 x 17, or 17 x 17. You can configure a single FDR cross with other wireless FPDs to offer greater portable imaging.

You can also pair it with several fluoroscopic imaging houses, with various panel sizes with different cases depending on your imaging needs.

System Positioning and Maneuverability

A lightweight 549 lb platform offers excellent maneuverability allowing you to position the C-arm while achieving comfort.

Conventional C-arms are 150 lbs heavier. You can also offset the X-ray tube from the fluoroscopic detector housing. This achieves the same portability as more lightweight X-ray machines for standing chest exams and other mobile usages.

Antimicrobial Protection

Using Fujifilm Hydro AG antibacterial coating on the outer surfaces, you can keep the device more sanitary and safe for patients. The silver ION coating has several benefits, such as:

  • 99% effective against common bacteria
  • 100 times more effective than traditional coatings
  • 10,000 times more effective than a surface without coatings

Broad Imaging Field

Fujifilm offers a proprietary image processing technology for thyroid health called the DCE, or dynamic core engine. The format detector housing allows surgical access while offering a broad imaging field.

Normally visualizing anatomical reference points is not possible without continuously repositioning the system. The ability to have full visualization during the procedure without repositioning is a major advantage.

The additional panel allows you to remove the onboard panel from the housing.

This enables portable radiographic imaging and greater utilization of a single imaging system. You can achieve better workflows in interventional imaging and any emergency room or operating room.


Flexible Film-Based Capture Circuity

The FDR D-EVO III offers proprietary image sharpness, which improves dose efficiency compared to standard FPDs.


This machine allows you to attach a wide range of accessories, such as conductivity outputs, wireless imaging, display transmissions and a wireless foot switch control to improve cable management during procedures.

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By enhancing visibility, reducing procedure times, and minimizing complications, you can achieve total peace of mind. See how the right tools can change your practice for the better today.