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The GE OEC 9800 C-Arm Equipment

The GE OEC 9800 C-Arm Equipment is uniquely designed to empower physicians to perform a variety of operations in interventional medicine. In this article, let’s discuss the role of fluoroscopy and C-arms in providing additional options for enhanced patient outcomes.

We’ll also cover some of the core features of the GE OEC 9800 C-arm. That way, you can have more information to make the most educated decision when investing in your medical equipment.

About The GE OEC 9800 C-Arm Equipment Model

The GE OEC 9800 is arguably the most popular C-arm on the market. It is renowned for its durability and versatility. It is designed to be useful for a number of applications, such as orthopedics, pain management, cardiovascular, cardiac, and vascular applications.

Features include:

  • Superior image quality using GE Healthcare’s proprietary Image IQ
  • Ideal for a wide range of applications
  • Simple user interface making it efficient
  • Smart options including Smart Window, Smart View, and Smart Metal to help during challenging procedures
  • Low dose features
  • Intuitive GE software allows for easy navigation of different modes for imaging
  • Rotating anode prevents overheating during long procedures
  • Standard 9-inch image intensifier
  • Full-frame capture 360-degree motorized rotation
  • Antiglare technology with dual 16-inch high-resolution monitors
  • Pulse fluoro, high-level fluoro, and digital CMA pulse mode

The Importance Of Fluoroscopy

Fluoroscopy involves the use of X-ray technology to provide real-time imaging for physicians during procedures on a patient. It allows you to visualize the anatomy, such as musculoskeletal systems and metal devices.

Since the images are moving, you can assess the proper placement of devices, instruments, and surgery tools in real time. Ultimately, this contributes to a lower risk of complications and better results for the patient.

Due to the nature of the visibility, smaller incisions are required. Thus, procedures become less invasive.

Fluoroscopy Procedures Enhanced By C-Arms

Fluoroscopy can be used to enhance several procedures, such as:


Physicians can enjoy visualization of the blood vessels to identify narrowing or blockages. X-rays can identify dye as it moves through the blood vessels. This will highlight blockage areas for treatment.

Barium Studies

By consuming a barium-laden liquid, the patient’s organs will be outlined. You can therefore identify abnormalities in the small intestine, stomach, and esophagus areas of the digestive tract.

Spinal Injections

Epidural injections or nerve blocks can be aided by fluoroscopy in order to inject proper medication into the spinal column.

Joint Injections

Knee, hips, or shoulder joints can be guided by fluoroscopy for injections or to diagnose conditions like arthritis via imaging.

Biopsy Procedures

Physicians must ensure that the biopsy needle is positioned correctly to extract tissue samples such as bone marrow or liver biopsies.

Catheterization Procedures

Fluoroscopy is used during these to see the catheter fully and make sure it’s placed properly. The same goes for pacemakers and is also used in angioplasty.

Stent Placement

In order to block an open or narrow blood vessel, the stent must be carefully placed using fluoroscopy with full visibility. In short, fluoroscopy aids enhanced visibility, angles, and safety when performing a variety of invasive or minimally invasive procedures.

Surgical C-Arm Machines 101

A surgical C-arm machine is used for interventional and surgical procedures. Its C-shape allows the X-ray tube and image detector to be moved around freely — allowing additional angles to view the patient’s anatomy and perform procedures with precision while minimizing risks.

Orthopedic, spinal, and interventional pain management specialists often utilize C-arms. Additionally epidural injections, radiofrequency ablation, and spinal cord stimulation benefit from the use of C-arms. The wide diameter allows for versatility in placement and movement.

Ultimately, surgeons and other physicians can gain better insights into the moving anatomy of the patient as well as devices and instruments during an operation. When looking for C-arm equipment, the experts at RGS Healthcare are here to help — contact us here.

However, in general, you must evaluate support, service, price, existing equipment, compatibility, image quality, ease of use, and mobility, as well as fluoroscopy time. This list helps you make the most accurate decision for your clinic’s needs.

What To Consider When Looking For A C-Arm

Fluoroscopy Time

Continuous X-ray images are known as fluoroscopy time. The equipment provided by RGS Healthcare has advantageous fluoroscopy time, allowing complex procedures to be performed without as much stoppage.


You must be able to offer different angles to the physician when performing the procedure. This enhances patient outcomes and provides more flexibility during the operation.

Easy To Use

With a short training period, you should be able to intuitively control the C-arm without issue during the operation. This reduces errors and complications for patients.

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The Key Differences Between FPD And Image Intensifier C-Arm Equipment

An image intensifier equipped C-arm will use electrons to convert X-rays to visual imagery that will be projected on a phosphor screen.

The downside of this is that ambient light can interfere with the image quality and these machines can degrade faster over time. However, they do bring low radiation doses and fast image acquisition times.

Flat panel detectors (FPDs) use electrical signals that are converted from X-rays that then produce the image. These can often provide a better dynamic range with lower noise and higher contrast. They are more immune to image degradation and can be used for trauma imaging and angiography.

Since they are not as affected by ambient light, they also have high-speed imaging capabilities.

Transform Your Clinic’s Capabilities With The Right C-Arm Equipment

Reach out to RGS Healthcare today. We are dedicated to distributing the best medical equipment on the market. No matter what kind of medical practice you provide, we’ll ensure that you get the correct C-arm for your needs — whether that’s the GE OEC 9800 or another one of our options. So don’t hesitate to contact us today!