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Persona C Mobile By Fuji

The Persona C Mobile by Fuji is a state-of-the-art mobile fluoroscopy system. Let’s discuss the role of fluoroscopy systems and C-Arm, as well as the benefits of the Persona C.

Fluoroscopy 101

Fluoroscopy is a type of imaging technology. It offers real-time visualization and images of a patient’s anatomy using X-rays. Using this technology, physicians can gain visibility into movements inside the patient’s body.

This lends itself to accuracy and safety during procedures, allowing the doctor to properly position devices and instruments in a procedure. It is also a less invasive technique compared to alternate imaging methods.

Procedures Aided By Fluoroscopy

Fluoroscopy can assist with the following procedures:


These tests allow you to determine narrowing or blocking by visualizing blood vessels. A dye is injected into a blood vessel, and then X-rays show the dye.

Barium Studies

You can analyze the digestive tract, like the small intestine, stomach, and esophagus using barium tests. This is achieved by the patient drinking a barium-infused liquid that outlines their organs.

Joint Injections

Fluoroscopy can help you visualize injections in the shoulder, hip, and knee joints. It can also assist in the diagnosis of other joint conditions like arthritis, catheterization, and other procedures.


Using fluoroscopy, the physician can properly guide pacemaker placement or additional instruments and stent placement. When a small metal device like a stent must be guided through a blocked or narrow blood vessel, fluoroscopy is ideal.

Biopsy Procedures

Performing bone marrow, liver biopsy, and other biopsy procedures are enhanced with fluoroscopy guidance.

Fluoroscopy is a minimally invasive method to visualize the body. However, it does carry risks, so be sure to discuss these with your patient before undergoing any procedure with fluoroscopy.

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Persona C-Arm Mobile By Fuji — Product Information

The Persona C Mobile by Fuji has several advantages for fluoroscopy, such as:

Versatile Operability And High Resolution

You can manipulate the on-screen image from any angle. The multi-touch console of the Persona C provides high-resolution live imaging. During any surgical procedure, the position or other operator will maintain full control over the imaging.

Convenient And Compact

While this C-Arm boasts a large diameter for better visibility, it is also lightweight. This allows the device to be incredibly mobile — providing access from the operating table with plenty of free space for other devices or instruments.

Position Options

You can effortlessly glide the C-Arm quickly and accurately to position it for maximum convenience. Physicians can also move the C-Arm from one room to another without issue.

Flexible And Agile

This C-Arm’s orbital and angular rotation is perfectly balanced. It responds to even the lightest touches of the operator to move into the right position.

With convenient access to color-coded handles and brakes, you can reposition the C-Arm effortlessly to adjust to needs during the procedure. If obstacles are in the path, the easy-lift front wheels allow you to reposition the device.

Contact us today at RGS Healthcare to see why the Fuji Persona C is so popular.

What Is A Surgical C-Arm Machine?

As its name suggests, a C-Arm machine is a C-shaped arm device. It provides medical imaging flexibility by holding image detectors and X-ray tubes. It is ideal for surgical and interventional procedures.

With the right C-Arm, you can enjoy continuous fluoroscopy during any surgical procedure. It increases a surgeon’s accuracy and precision by maintaining full visualization of the patient’s anatomy.

Common uses for C-Arms are spinal, interventional pain management, and orthopedic procedures. In the case of orthopedic surgery, you can use C-Arms for spinal fusions, joint injections, and kyphoplasty. For interventional pain management, you can perform radiofrequency ablation, epidural injections, and spinal cord stimulation.

Factors To Consider When Investing In A C-Arm Such As The Persona C

You should consider several factors when purchasing C-Arm equipment. This includes image quality, user-friendliness, mobility, fluoroscopy time, image storage, compatibility with current equipment, service, support, and price.

To conclude, a surgical C-Arm machine provides real-time visibility of the patient’s anatomy to reduce complications that protect patients during procedures.

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What’s The Difference Between A C-Arm With A Flat Panel Detector (FPD) And One With An Image Intensifier?

A C-Arm with an image intensifier uses electron-based technology to convert X-rays into visual imagery. It does so by amplifying X-rays as electrons. As such, the image intensifier uses a glass window and subsequently a phosphor screen to emit light based on the electron reading.

This results in an image that can be captured via the camera. Image intensifiers are known for spatial resolution, low radiation, and fast image acquisition. However, they can degrade with time. And light sources in the room can have a negative effect on its functionality.

Flat panel detectors, such as those used in the Persona C, are solid state. They use photodiodes to convert X-rays into electrical signals. These electrical signals are then used to create an image on the screen. Flat panel detectors are known for superior image quality, low noise, and high dynamic range.

They are less prone to degradation, and ambient light does not affect the image quality. These can also produce images much faster than image intensifiers and are more appropriate for trauma imaging and angiography.

The Benefits Of Surgical C-Arm For Medical Providers

Better Efficiency

Using various X-ray scans at the same time creates more efficiency during your procedures. This is made possible with the use of the C-Arm.


A surgical C-Arm can be used for neurosurgery, orthopedic surgery, interventional radiology and additional operations. This versatility allows you to offer more solutions to your patients.

Better Comfort

When using surgical C-Arms, you can perform less invasive procedures. Ultimately, you can reduce the size of the incision while still maintaining the visibility of the anatomy. This leads to fewer cosmetic disadvantages and increased patient comfort both during the procedure and afterward.

Learn More About Surgical C-Arm Equipment Today

Contact the experts at RGS Healthcare for more information on the Persona C by Fuji and other fluoroscopy systems. Our advanced C-Arm solutions help physicians operate more precisely, easily, and quickly.

At the same time, they allow for better identification of critical anatomical structures and instruments during surgery. For that reason, the right C-Arm is critical for any medical practice.