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Navigating Through the Specifications of Fuji Persona C: An In-Depth Guide

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Exploring the specifications of RGS Healthcare’s Fuji Persona C offers a comprehensive understanding of a standout product in the realm of medical imaging. This advanced C-arm solution is designed for high precision and efficiency, making it a vital asset for numerous clinical applications, including surgical interventions. The high-frequency generator plays a crucial role in the advanced imaging capabilities of the Fuji Persona C. The technical prowess of the Fuji Persona C, backed by the expertise of Fujifilm Healthcare Americas Corporation, sets it apart in the market.

The Fuji Persona C combines innovative design with operational efficiency to enhance diagnostic accuracy and patient care. It features superior imaging quality, streamlined workflows, and user-friendly controls, which make it accessible even to operators with limited training. Additionally, it comes equipped with various accessories that elevate its functionality and adaptability across different medical settings.

Understanding the detailed specifications and capabilities of the Fuji Persona C is crucial for healthcare providers aiming to upgrade their facility’s imaging technology. This overview will help to grasp why this system is a top choice for medical professionals who prioritize quality and compliance in their practice.

Key Takeaways

  • Fuji Persona C offers precision and efficiency in medical imaging.
  • The system features high-quality imaging and user-friendly controls.
  • It is ideal for diverse clinical applications, including surgical interventions.

Design and Innovation

RGS Healthcare’s Fuji Persona C is designed to be both compact and innovative, featuring a diameter lightweight mobile C-arm that ensures ease of movement and user-friendly controls. Its lightweight mobile C-arm offers excellent maneuverability and high-resolution imaging, along with a sophisticated operator console.

Compact and Agile Mobility in a Lightweight Mobile C-Arm

The Fuji Persona C’s compact design makes it ideal for operating room environments. Unlike typical compact C-arms, the Persona CS provides over twice the power, ensuring superior image quality and X-ray penetration capabilities. Its lightweight mobile C-arm allows for effortless gliding, enabling easy access to patients. The unit’s mobility is enhanced by smooth-rolling casters, ensuring quick positioning. This agility is critical in dynamic surgical settings where swift adjustments are necessary.

The C-arm’s slim profile minimizes space usage, making it well-suited for crowded operating rooms. Adjustable components facilitate compatibility with various patient positions and heights, enhancing its versatility.

Ergonomic Console and Display

The Fuji Persona C features an advanced multi-touch operator console that enhances user interaction. The console’s ergonomic design minimizes operator strain, with controls positioned for intuitive use.

The display unit provides clear, high-quality images crucial for precision. Touchscreen capabilities streamline navigation, and its adjustable height and tilt options accommodate different user preferences. This console’s design prioritizes ease of use, reducing the learning curve and improving efficiency during procedures.

In conclusion, the thoughtful design of the Fuji Persona C ensures both ease of movement and user-friendly operation, addressing the needs of modern healthcare environments.

Technical Specifications

The RGS Healthcare’s Fuji Persona C stands out with its advanced imaging technology, efficient power management, and robust detectors. The high-frequency generator plays a crucial role in providing consistent power for imaging procedures. The 30x30cm amorphous silicon (aSi) flat panel detector, utilizing cesium iodide technology, offers options for ultra-low dose fluoroscopy and vascular imaging, featuring removable grids and a dedicated ‘radiography mode’. These features work together to provide high-quality images and reliable performance in various medical settings.

Advanced Imaging Technology for Advanced Imaging Clarity

The Fuji Persona C utilizes ASI (Advanced System Imaging) to deliver advanced image quality with high-resolution images. This system ensures clarity and precision, which are crucial for accurate diagnoses.

A key component is the high-resolution flat panel detector. Using CSI (cesium iodide) technology, these detectors enhance image quality by improving light output and reducing noise. The c-arm design offers mobility and flexibility, making it easy to position for various patient needs.

Onboard Generator and Power Management

A vital feature is the 5kW onboard generator, which provides consistent power for imaging procedures. The high-frequency generator plays a crucial role in providing consistent power for imaging procedures. This generator uses modulated power to match the requirements of different imaging tasks, optimizing performance and efficiency.

The onboard power management system monitors and adjusts energy use, reducing waste and extending the lifespan of the system. This ensures that the Fuji Persona C operates smoothly, even during intensive use.

Flat Panel Detector Capabilities

The high-resolution amorphous Silicon (aSi) flat panel detectors in the Fuji Persona C use cesium iodide for sharp and detailed imaging. These detectors capture images quickly and accurately, minimizing the need for retakes.

With a detection capability that covers a wide range of medical imaging tasks, including dynamic and static studies, the detectors improve workflow and patient throughput. Their robust design ensures durability and reliability, making them suitable for busy healthcare environments.

Operational Efficiency

RGS Healthcare’s Fuji Persona C is designed to enhance operational efficiency in medical settings. The system features color coded system locks, which facilitate ease of use and precise navigation during imaging and minimally invasive surgical procedures. Key improvements include increased maneuverability with smooth-rolling casters and precise positioning capabilities, as well as more streamlined workflows for healthcare professionals.

Maneuvering and Positioning Precision

The Fuji Persona C excels in maneuverability, allowing surgical teams to adjust the device easily around the operating table. Its design focuses on precision, ensuring that every movement is smooth and accurate. The c-arm mounted multi-touch operator console and live image display allow for control of exam parameters and easy manipulation of images for diagnostic imaging and minimally invasive surgical procedures.

The multi-touch console provides absolute operability, enabling users to set exam parameters quickly.

This precision is crucial in reducing time spent on adjustments and ensuring accurate imaging, leading to faster and more effective procedures. The improved maneuvering capabilities help in avoiding disruptions during surgeries or examinations, ultimately enhancing the overall efficiency of the medical team.

Streamlined Workflow

The Fuji Persona C also offers a streamlined workflow, which is vital for healthcare professionals. The intuitive multi-touch console allows for quick input of exam parameters, reducing the time needed for setup.

This modern interface helps in minimizing errors and ensuring that procedures are carried out with high accuracy. By optimizing these workflows, RGS Healthcare has made it possible to handle more patients within a shorter time frame, thus enhancing productivity.

In addition, integrating various functionalities into a single platform eliminates the need for multiple devices, further simplifying the process and reducing the chances of miscommunication among the surgical team.

This focus on streamlining contributes significantly to operational efficiency, making the Fuji Persona C a valuable addition to any healthcare setting.

Clinical Applications

The Fuji Persona C from RGS Healthcare offers impressive versatility and precision in diagnostic imaging. It is particularly effective in orthopedic surgeries, providing clear and accurate images that aid in these procedures. The system’s adaptability and real-time imaging capabilities make it suitable for a variety of clinical applications. Additionally, it plays a crucial role in pain management by aiding in the precise administration of anesthetics.

Diverse Procedural Adaptability for Minimally Invasive Surgical Procedures

The Fuji Persona C excels in multiple surgical and medical procedures. Its mobile fluoroscopy system or C-arm solution is effective in orthopedic surgeries. The device is particularly effective in these procedures, providing real-time imaging that is crucial for aligning fractures and placing implants accurately. Surgeons can view real-time imaging of bones and joints, which is crucial for aligning fractures and placing implants accurately. The system also supports vascular imaging with amorphous Silicon (aSi) flat panel detector options for ultra-low dose fluoroscopy, providing advanced image quality and precise navigation for a broad range of diagnostic imaging and minimally invasive surgical procedures.

In pain management, it aids in administering anesthetics by providing precise visualization of the targeted areas, minimizing patient discomfort. Minimally invasive surgical procedures also benefit from its clear imaging capabilities, allowing for smaller incisions and quicker recovery times.

For traumatic injuries, the system enables immediate and accurate assessments, which can be lifesaving. The device can assist in a wide range of surgical procedures, offering vital support in both emergency and planned operations.

Real-Time Imaging for Various Specialties

The Fuji Persona C’s advanced imaging clarity and real-time imaging capabilities are particularly valuable across different specialties. In orthopedics, fluoroscopy offers continuous imaging of bones and joints during surgeries, enhancing accuracy.

For cancer treatments, particularly during minimally invasive surgical procedures, it helps in precisely targeting and treating tumors. Real-time imaging is essential for pain management, allowing for exact placement of needles or catheters to deliver anesthetics effectively.

The system is also indispensable in emergency trauma care, providing immediate visualization of injuries and aiding in rapid treatment decisions. Its versatility extends to various specialties, ensuring that patients get the best possible care and outcomes. Incorporating this cutting-edge technology improves efficiency, accuracy, and patient safety across many medical fields.

Fujifilm's Persona C C-Arm3

User Experience and Accessibility

The Fuji Persona C combines cutting-edge technology with features designed to improve both user experience and accessibility. The inclusion of touch screen monitors enhances ease of use and control, making the device more intuitive for operators. The imaging system provides ultra sharp details, ensuring exceptional clarity and precision in medical imaging. Ease of control and focused attention on safety contribute significantly to its operational excellence.

Control and Navigation

The Persona C Mobile Fluoroscopy System excels in ease of use with its touch screen monitors. The interface is intuitively designed, allowing staff to quickly adjust settings with precision. The system offers agile flexibility through its c-arm orbital and angular rotation capabilities, which enhance maneuverability in tight spaces.

Users can customize settings according to specific procedures, making the device versatile in various medical environments. Height adjustments are simple and user-friendly, adding to the equipment’s adaptability.

Safety and Comfort

Safety is a crucial aspect of the Persona C. The system is designed to minimize radiation exposure, ensuring a safer environment for both patients and staff. The comprehensive safety features instill confidence among operators, knowing the device prioritizes their well-being.

Comfort is also considered in the c-arm orbital adjustments and ergonomic design, reducing physical strain on operators during lengthy procedures. This environment fosters confidence, ensuring staff can perform their duties efficiently and comfortably.

Together, these features provide confidence and efficiency, creating a strong, positive user experience for medical professionals.

Additional Features and Accessories

The Fuji Persona C from RGS Healthcare offers advanced imaging capabilities and versatile accessory compatibility, enhancing the overall user experience. It features a dedicated radiography mode, which provides high-quality still imaging and is suitable for a broad range of diagnostic imaging and minimally invasive surgical procedures.

Additionally, product video tutorials and product images are available to help users quickly understand and implement these accessories.

Supplementary Imaging Modalities

The Fuji Persona C is equipped with multiple imaging modalities to improve its functionality. A key feature is the removable grid, which contributes to high-quality still imaging and makes the system suitable for a broad range of diagnostic imaging and minimally invasive surgical procedures. It features both radiography mode and a mobile C-arm setup, providing flexibility in different medical environments. The Synapse® Enterprise Imaging system offers integrated and seamless management of medical images, making it easier to store, access, and share data.

Additionally, the system supports live image display, allowing real-time observation during procedures. This capability, paired with post-process images, ensures that practitioners have the information they need immediately and can review images retrospectively for comprehensive analysis. The use of Reili® AI-based image processing technology further enhances the clarity and detail of the captured images.

Compatibility with OR Accessories

The Fuji Persona C is designed to be highly compatible with various operating room (OR) accessories. It seamlessly integrates with the Persona CS imaging console, providing centralized control over imaging functions and facilitating ease of use. The machine can also connect with a range of OR tables and supports different patient positioning accessories to optimize imaging angles.

Various mounting options and accessory trays ensure that necessary tools are always within reach, improving workflow efficiency. The system also includes product video tutorials and product images to help users quickly understand and implement these accessories in their routine operations. This compatibility significantly enhances the utility and adaptability of the Fuji Persona C in diverse medical settings.

Quality and Compliance

RGS Healthcare’s Fuji Persona C is dedicated to maintaining high-quality standards and adhering to compliance norms. The device has received FDA approval and CE Marking, ensuring its reliability and safety. The system ensures reliability through industry certifications and demonstrates a commitment to environmental practices.

Certifications and Industry Standards

The Fuji Persona C by RGS Healthcare meets various industry standards ensuring reliability and safety. The FDA approval further underlines its adherence to safety and efficacy standards. Additionally, the device follows the guidelines of the CE Marking, essential for global market presence, ensuring conformity with health, safety, and environmental protections for products sold within the European Economic Area. It complies with ISO 13485 for medical device quality management systems, a critical certification for healthcare products.

RGS Healthcare collaborates with industry experts to keep up with global healthcare standards. They prioritize following the latest regulations, ensuring the Fuji Persona C remains at the forefront of medical imaging technology.

Commitment to Environmental Stewardship

RGS Healthcare, following Fujifilm Holdings Corporation’s principles, shows a strong commitment to environmental stewardship. They ensure that the Fuji Persona C is designed with sustainable practices in mind, emphasizing energy efficiency and reducing environmental impact.

The company has initiatives for minimizing electronic waste and promoting recycling. Their corporate policies align with Fujifilm’s global environmental guidelines, focusing on reducing carbon footprints and supporting global sustainability efforts.

RGS Healthcare’s facilities, including those in Lexington, Massachusetts, operate under strict environmental policies aligned with corporate citizenship principles. These actions contribute to Fujifilm Healthcare Americas’ objectives of maintaining eco-friendly operations in Tokyo, Japan, and beyond.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Fuji Persona C uses an amorphous Silicon (aSi) flat panel detector, which is known for its ultra-low dose fluoroscopy and high-quality vascular imaging. This technology also includes features like a removable grid and a dedicated ‘radiography mode’ for superior still imaging.

Operating the Fuji Persona C-arm involves using the intuitive touchscreen interface to select imaging modes. Users can adjust settings for optimal visualization. Detailed instructions and training are typically provided by RGS Healthcare to ensure safe and effective use.

The Fuji Persona C has high-resolution imaging, low-dose radiation technology, and a compact design for ease of use in tight spaces. It also includes advanced image processing software to enhance clarity and detail, making it a valuable tool in clinical settings.

The Fuji Persona C-arm is ideal for a range of procedures including surgical, orthopedic, and pain management interventions. Its imaging capabilities support precise guidance during complex operations, enhancing both accuracy and patient outcomes.

Yes, the Fuji Persona C-arm is particularly well-suited for orthopedic surgeries. Its high-quality imaging aids surgeons in visualizing bone structures and positioning implants accurately, thus improving surgical precision and patient recovery times.

The main differences lie in the features and imaging capabilities. The Fuji Persona RF PREMIUM offers enhanced imaging resolution and additional advanced features like real-time fluoroscopy. It is designed for more complex procedures that require higher precision.

Fujifilm’s Persona C-arm provides competitive imaging quality thanks to its advanced sensor technology and image processing algorithms. Compared to other C-arm machines, it offers high clarity and low noise images, making it a reliable choice for various medical applications.

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