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What is a Goiter? The Symptoms & Treatment Options

Goiter is a condition that causes the thyroid gland to grow larger. The thyroid gland is a butterfly-shaped, small gland situated in the neck below Adam’s apple.  What are the indications and signs of a goiter? The following are the primary symptoms of goiter: How is a goiter identified? Several

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Hypothyroidism in Children

Radiofrequency Ablation – A Safe & Effective Treatment for Pediatric Benign Nodular Thyroid Goiter

Thyroid nodules are not only diagnosed in adults but also pediatric population. Nodule development in adolescents is related to excessive thyroid hormone production simultaneously with pubertal development. Besides that, iron deficiency and the thyroid gland’s persistent overstimulation may cause benign nodule development.  There are several factors associated with thyroidectomy, such

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6 Myths About Thyroid Disease

The thyroid is a tiny gland that performs a number of activities, including hormone release. Numerous thyroid abnormalities can affect an individual and cause various health problems. Therefore, let’s take a deep dive into the most prevalent thyroid disease myths you’ve probably heard. 1. Your thyroid is causing you to

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How Do I Know if My Thyroid is Normal?

Over 12 percent of Americans have a thyroid condition, and many aren’t even aware of it. Could you be one of them? Your thyroid gland creates and produces hormones that are involved in a variety of systems throughout your body. Thyroid disease occurs when your thyroid produces either too much

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RGS Health Care

What is the Thyroid?

So what exactly is the thyroid? The thyroid gland is actually an endocrine gland located in the neck. It produces two hormones that are released into the bloodstream: thyroxine (T4) and triiodothyronine (T3). These hormones are required for all of your body’s cells to function appropriately. The thyroid gland produces

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