Persona CS

Introducing the Persona CS Mobile Fluoroscopy System

Fuji Persona C

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Persona CS is an advanced imaging technology developed for accurate positioning and detailed images across a broad range of diagnostic images and minimally invasive surgical procedures. It will be available with 21x21cm or 30x30cm amorphous Silicon (aSi) flat panel detector options for ultra-low-dose fluoroscopy and vascular imaging. Featuring 81cm of free space, a removable grid, and a dedicated ‘radiography mode’ for high quality-still imaging, Persona C is designed for easy, precise navigation and imaging.

Fuji Persona C

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notable features

  • Mobile display station with user-adjustable height and viewing angle.
  • Ultra-sharp details and zooming ability
  • High-resolution, aSi technology for low dose imaging.
  • Pulsed fluoroscopy with high quality or low dose modes plus Roadmap.
  • Agile flexibility with orbital and angular rotation options, and up/down movement.
  • Reinforced Usability
  • Compact Design
  • and much more…

(Source: FUJIFILM Medical Systems U.S.A., Inc.)

Skanray Surgical C-Arm

Why Purchase a Persona CS Mobile Fluoroscopy System?

You and your team have yet another advantage when it comes to assessing patients with the arrival of the new Fuji Persona CS. This multi-use radiography and fluoroscopy system provides real-time imaging for skeletal, digestive, urinary, respiratory, and reproductive systems; or specific organs; including the heart, lung, and kidneys.

Additional features include:

  • Single Platform for Streamlined Movement
  • Arm-mounted 27″ monitor for optimal viewing from all sides
  • Color-coded break axes for instinctual operation
  • Extended range of motion with direct manual control
  • Expanded clinical utility
  • Dual Action hand switch and footswitch for rapid technique switching
  • Touchscreen image management and technique adjustment
  • Optional wireless viewing station for improved image viewing
  • Flexible image output to USB, PACS, or Printer
  • Post-acquisition image editing in real-time



Benefits of the Persona CS Mobile Fluoroscopy System

  • Ultra-low dose fluoroscopy and vascular imaging
  • Quicker Diagnosis
  • Multi-Window Interface Projects Multiple Images Simultaneously
  • RGS Service & Warranty Coverage
  • RGS Healthcare Financing Options Available

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RGS Healthcare’s promise to you is that we will help improve your patient care while improving your return on your investment. As a medical imaging equipment distributor for more than 10 years, we do our best to truly combine the clinical and the budgetary requirements by recommending the best solution to match all of your needs. 

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