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MRI Equipment

Musculoskeletal extremity MRI systems keep clinical practice convenience and patient comfort in mind.

At every step, high-quality imaging allows you to treat a variety of patient conditions and perform several evaluations in a short time. In this article, let’s talk about three types of imaging systems that you can choose from:  the O-scan MRI, G-scan MRI, and S-scan MRI.

Benefits of Esaote Devices

As your medical practice grows, so too must your capabilities. The devices below enhance workflows, minimize complications, and improve visibility.

Proper diagnoses require high quality imaging systems. Additionally, you must choose your solutions wisely. The size, needs, and budget of your facility should all be taken into account.

That is why RGS Healthcare offers and encourages the use of Esaote technology for clinical practice in the modern day and age.


Esaote O-scan MRI

The O-scan is a complete imaging solution for modern healthcare and promotes efficient workflows, quick exam times and ultimate patient comfort when performing MRI evaluations on extremities. The O-scan offers optimal design and special ergonomics.

Dynamic MRI functional assessment means you need to be able to offer excellent imaging and care for high-level sports medicine. The immaculate image quality of the O-scan allows for a high-performance system and high resolution 3-D acquisitions —- as well as identifying occult impingements.

Ultimate Comfort

The O-scan has a comfortable patient chair that covers all limbs like the ankle, foot, calf, knee, forearm, wrist, and elbow. This prevents claustrophobia, and can run off of a standard wall plug.

This prevents the need for troubleshooting various cords and positions for the equipment.

Ultimately, you can spend more time caring for patients and planning your procedure instead of minor things such as machine placement or workarounds.

Breaking Barriers

This machine is designed for high throughput for radiological use and orthopedic practices. It can be easily combined with whole body scanners so that you can improve your workflow and improve patient outcomes. This saves time and costs for both patients and healthcare providers.


AgilExam can recognize human anatomy and suggest the type of MRI scan setup most appropriate for that situation. This improves consistency and reduces exam times. You can also perform scans in a matter of seconds. This is because AgilExam adjusts the slice orientation and number of slices depending on the protocol selected.

Esaote G-scan Brio MRI

The G-scan Brio is a revolutionary MRI approach that improves the accuracy of your diagnosis for musculoskeletal applications. This weight-bearing MRI provides ideal ergonomics and improved acquisition techniques.

Confidence, Accuracy, and Detail

The G-scan Brio enables you to study any joint, including the spine, thanks to its tomographic MRI system. You can choose between a clinostat or orthostatic position because the patient or magnet can rotate up to 90 degrees.

This means you can scan a patient in a weight-bearing position for better MSK diagnosis of pathologies.

Reveal What other MRI Methods Miss

By putting patients in a weight bearing position, you can see pathology symptoms that would not be visible otherwise.


G-scan Brio offers a comprehensive connectivity network that is also easy to use and set up. With integrated DVD archives, DICOM compliance, and teleradiology compliance, your system can be up and running in minutes.

You can also check the parameters and components of the system using remote software.

The ability for remote access creates additional flexibility when your team must communicate or collaborate from different geo-locations.


Esaote S-scan Brio MRI

The S-scan meets today’s clinical needs for ergonomic and efficient health services. When working with musculoskeletal anatomy, the S-scan promises greater accuracy, speed, and comfort.

A Complete MSK MRI

Powered by eXP Technology, you can analyze the entire musculoskeletal anatomy from the shoulder to the feet, and even the L and C-spine.

Any practice with a musculoskeletal workload can benefit from the S-scan. Esaote has ensured integration with the S-scan to make it an optimized, efficient solution to meet MSK professionals’ evolving needs.

The S-scan Brio MRI Offers Greater Efficiency

This MRI system offers easier usability while simplifying the patient workflow. It offers excellent image quality that is cost-effective and real-time. Patient positioning is both fast and easy.

Its features include a DICOM work list, no cryogenic, and network integration. Its small size allows you to perform several examinations per day.

Enhanced Connectivity

Tools like the S-scan are designed with MSK needs in mind. Archiving and documentation are simple and compliance worries are eliminated. By saving your scans in other locations, you can quickly accelerate cross-department communication.


It is DICOM compliant and has Medical Device Directive (MDD) 93\42\EEC compliance as well. It has been cleared by the FDA and is classified as a Class IIa device.

More on Esaote — A Market Leader for MSK MRI Solutions

Aside from neuroimaging, MSK MRIs are the most requested MRI studies. Esaote has positioned itself as a global leader with this technology for healthcare centers. The unique, powerful, and ergonomic designs provide excellent patient outcomes.


When performing MRI scans, proper diagnosis is essential. Furthermore, ergonomic factors and workflow efficiency should be considered.

For that reason, the MRI technology above offers an excellent range of choices when looking to provide improved patient outcomes while reducing costs, hassle, and time. Contact RGS Healthcare today. We can help you select the best MRI equipment for your needs —- empowering you to serve your health patients at the highest level.