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The new, advanced C-arm provides exceptional image quality and versatility for operating room procedures

A Press Release was issued on November 16, 2021, stating that Fuji Healthcare was adding additional products to its current line of diagnostic imaging and medical informatics solutions. RGS Healthcare is excited about the new FujiFilm Persona CS Mobile Fluoroscopy System, knowing what a great impact this new product will have for doctors and patients alike.

The new and compact mobile C-arm imaging solution is designed for rapid and seamless positioning in any environment. The powerful and compact system is designed to provide enhanced live image guidance during a wide range of surgeries in the ASC, including orthopedic, complicated surgical, interventional pain management, and emergency procedures.

“The rise of traumatic injuries, orthopedic issues, cancers, and other diseases demand complex surgical intervention. Fortunately, today’s C-arm fluoroscopy machines are able to adapt to the needs of different types of surgeries,” said Susan Crennan, Sr. Product Manager, FUJIFILM Healthcare Americas Corporation. “With the launch of the Persona CS, we’re thrilled to offer customers with two powerful C-arm solutions that cater to large hospitals, and now ambulatory surgery centers and pain clinics.”

As the top supplier of medical imaging equipment for ultrasound, fluoroscopy, and other diagnostic media imaging equipment worldwide, we are very excited about this new addition to our portfolio of equipment. RGS Healthcare understands that every clinic has unique requirements when it comes to purchasing medical imaging equipment. Our highest priority is supplying the right piece of equipment that will ultimately satisfy your clinical needs and patient care. Feel free to browse our selection and contact us if you have any questions.

Original Source published by GlobalNewsWire

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