Alpinion E-CUBE i7



Alpinion E-CUBE i7 Portable Ultrasound System

The Alpinion E-CUBE i7 portable ultrasound system platform is based on a cart-based system which has a powerful and qualified system architecture and user-optimized ergonomical design with a sliding keyboard cover. It delivers remarkably excellent imaging performance from routine examinations to complex cardiac examinations.

The E-CUBE i7 is intended for both common ultrasound applications as well as specialty uses in anesthesia, ER, pain management, and orthopedics. It features the firm’s Needle Vision technology that helps track needles during placement while maintaining visualization of the tissues around.

The laptop-like device has a sliding keyboard cover that keeps dust out while letting clinicians rest their wrists on top of it while using the joystick and various buttons and switches on the control panel.

The device comes with Alpinion’s Crystal Signature transducers and runs software optimizers that provide speckle reduction, spatial compounding, and harmonic imaging.

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