Chison Q6



The Chison Q6 portable ultrasound is the premier shared service portable ultrasound system offerd by Chison. Chison is a major ultrasound manufacturer who has installed systems in over 120 countries, and who has provided ultrasound system to the United Nations.

This Chison Q6 portable ultrasound offeres premium clarity and resolution, with high end transducer options and premium features such as Auto Doppler, automatic image optimization, Compound imaging and more.

Chion’s portable ultrasound systems are highly intuitive and sophisticated featuring a brialliantly designed user interface. Workflow has been professionally optimized and streamlined to shorten exam time. The Q6 utilizes one-button direct print, direct burning and transfer capabilities.

The built in reporting, archive & patient management suites make storing & recalling images, transferring studies, and performing post exam measurements simple.

The Chison Q6 portable ultrasound also features full DICOM networking capabilities and options to add a 4D imaging package. We highly reccomend taking a close look at the Q6 as a solution to your portable shared service ultrasound needs.

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