G-Scan Brio



The G-Scan Brio is the latest weight-bearing MRI machine that has taken the healthcare market by storm because of its revolutionary features. Its features include:

  • Advanced rotation capability (up to 90 degrees)
  • Full DICOM Connectivity
  • Sophisticated Storage Functionality
  • Windows-based User Interface
  • 4-Channel Head Coil
  • 3-Channel Shoulder Coil
  • Bilateral TMJ Coil
  • Flex and Cervical Coil

It is the only MRI machine with renewed weight-bearing features that paves way for a more accurate reading in the spine, whether in the clinostatic position or orthostatic position.

The G-Scan Brio is a feature-packed MRI machine that will not only amaze you with its top-of-art performance but will also boost your confidence knowing that it makes the examination fast and simple to perform.

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