Genoray ZEN-2090 Pro C-ARM



The ZEN-2090P or ZEN-2090 Pro is a conventional c-arm machine that is a common choice of healthcare professionals around the globe because of its user-friendly interface. Its features include:

  • High Resolution CCD Camera
  • ZENIS software
  • X-Ray stationary anode
  • PACS or EMR system Compatibility
  • Dual Hi-Resolution 16” Square Monitors
  • 9” Tri-Mode Image Intensifier
  • DICOM Compatibility

The traditional features of the ZEN-2090P probably make it the simplest, easy-to-operate ultrasound machine from the brand. With buttons and layouts similar to Ziehm Solo and GE OEC Brivo, it is often preferred by new practitioners.

The ZEN-2090P may be effortless when it comes to design but the standout features will truly amaze you, not to mention its affordable price.

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