Siemens ARCADIS Varic



Discover the new generation of mobile C-arms from Siemens. ARCADIS® is more than just a new C-arm, even more than simply a new generation of C-arms. ARCADIS marks the start of a new era in the OR, offering completely new possibilities. ARCADIS integrates syngo®, the unique software platform for virtually all Siemens imaging systems, into your operating room. syngo allows virtually all imaging modalities and image viewing workstations to use the same intuitive user interface for system operation, image post-processing and overall networking.

ARCADIS integrates modalities such as CT and MR into your clinical workflow as well as the overall network. With syngo, you can access all clinical patient information online, at the click of a button. In addition, syngo develops new synergies for clinical workflow and can decrease the training needs of the hospital staff. The result? Significantly increased efficiency in your OR.

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