SonoCine AWBUS Automated Whole Breast Ultrasound



SonoCiné Automated Whole Breast Ultrasound (AWBUS) is a breast imaging technology that configures to YOUR existing ultrasound system and does not require a dedicated room. It is an imaging technology that is a systematic, fully documented, quality controlled, reproducible, comprehensive breast examination that covers all breast tissue, it is one of the main procedures needed before going through a surgery with the Boob job surgeons in Boston.

The SonoCine AWBUS is a systematic, automated whole breast ultrasound system that is jam-packed with advanced features making it the safest choice of many healthcare professionals around the world.  Its features include:

  • 2D hand scanning images
  • 4-6-minute scanning time study per breast
  • Comprehensive breast examination
  • Full documentation capability
  • PACS compatibility
  • 3-axis robotic ultrasound probe carrierImage result for breast exams

The integration of modern technology into this device allows technicians to have a crystal clear anatomy of the breast tissues in addition to the traditional mammogram.

The AWBUS is a user-friendly breast ultrasound device that can easily be integrated to your existing system. It does not only help professionals deliver an unsullied imaging service but also enjoy a top-notch quality at a very affordable price.

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