SonoSite Titan



Sonosite Titan Ultrasound Machine

The Sonosite Titan is a portable ultrasound device that is a popular choice of healthcare professionals who need basic ultrasound units that are also transportable. Its features include

  • Triple Transducer Connect (TTC)
  • Integration via Ethernet
  • SiteLink DICOM options
  • CompactFlash memory
  • Intuitive user-friendly interface
  • Point-of-care connectivity

The Sonosite Titan contains the most basic system upgrades and features needed for critical-care situations. Whether you’re operating a small office or working in a hospital, Sonosite Titan is a buddy for life.

The Sonosite Titan is a highly-reliable ultrasound unit that will not only provide great value for your hard-earned money but will also boost your confidence knowing that your patients are satisfied.

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