Ziehm Exposcop PLUS



The Ziehm Exposcop Plus is a compact, C-arm machine that is a common choice of healthcare providers who prefer the older Ziehm system. Its features are almost similar to the CBD-7 but with minor upgrades such as the following

  • Dual Monitors
  • 9″ Image Intensifier
  • Foot Switch, Hand Switch
  • Dual Hi Resolution Monitors
  • Analog CCD Camera
  • Stationary Anode X-Ray Tube
  • ESP Software Package
  • Medicapture or Sony Paper Printer

The integration of technological updates makes this device a smart choice for healthcare providers who are looking for a combination of functionality and affordability. Whether in simple or complex imaging applications, the Ziehm Exposcop Plus will truly amaze you.

The Ziehm Exposcop Plus is a c-arm machine that will impress you with its updates at a lower cost.

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