Ziehm Exposcop Vista



The Ziehm Exposcop Vista is a portable, compact c-arm machine with modern features that make it a market-leading choice for cost and profit driven professionals around the globe. Its features include

  • X-ray Tube Stationary Anode
  • DICOM Functionality
  • High Frequency X-Ray Generator
  • Variable Fluoroscopic Operation
  • Application Specific Keys
  • Laser cross-hair positioning and centering
  • Full Frame Technology
  • Anatomical Programs

The integration of patient-friendly functionality makes this mobile c-arm machine a must-buy equipment for a range of fluoroscopic imaging applications such as pain management, fracture fixation, and hip pinning procedure.

The Ziehm Exposcop Vista is one of the most affordable mobile c-arm’s that delivers the same imaging quality as other ultrasound systems. Whether it’s used in urgent care centers, mini-hospitals, or large hospitals, Ziehm Exposcop Vista got you covered.

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