Ziehm Quantum C-ARM



The Zeihm Quantum C-Arm is the latest and largest self-contained surgical C-Arm, with highly innovative features that make it the best-selling c-arm equipment across the world. Its features include:

  • CAS System Integration
  • 16-bit image processing system
  • DICOM 3.0 connectivity
  • 1” high resolution TFT monitors

The integration of multiple features into this device such as the 16-bit image processing system, lightweight materials, and small foot print make it very suitable for a for brain surgery, spinal surgery, and orthopaedics.

The Zeihm Quantum C-Arm is a sophisticated, portable C-Arm machine that will amaze healthcare providers with its super advanced features at a great price point. Since it combines multiple ultrasound parts into a single unit, it eliminates the need for a monitor stand and makes work faster.

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