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RF Ablation System V-1000

Radiofrequency ablation was developed over 15 years ago and is now available in the US. This alternative to thyroid surgery avoids the risks of prolonged recovery periods and reduces the size of the affected tissue without affecting thyroid function.

RF Ablation System V-1000

Developed with advanced technology, RF Medical provides state of the art RFA systems that are designed to meet individual requirements. They are capable of providing precise removal of unwanted tissues without damage to healthy cells nearby. These technologies are suited for use in multiple areas including liver, kidney, lung, thyroid gland and even bones – there is an algorithm suitable for all these specific tissues and others too. A user-friendly interface allows customization or upgrades at any time.

What is Radiofrequency Ablation?

A new minimally invasive procedure requiring only local anesthetic, Radiofrequency Ablation offers an effective alternative for those unwilling or unable to undergo surgery.

The procedure involves using radiofrequency waves – which are inserted through the skin near the back of the neck – to destroy the troublesome cells while they’re still contained within their benign encapsulation. This process has been proven successful in almost 99% of cases where no cancerous cells are detected.

Thyroid RFA Patient Animation Video

Explore our informative patient animated video that takes you through every step of the thyroid ablation journey.

Topics covered include:

    • Thyroid function.
    • What is a thyroid nodule?
    • What is radiofrequency ablation?
    • Risks of Thyroid RFA.
    • After thyroid surgery, what can patients expect?

How effective is this procedure?

Clinical trials measured the rate of reduction, therapeutic success, changes in symptoms, and the cosmetic improvement of benign thyroid nodules.

For “cold” benign nodules (those that do not produce excess thyroid hormone), clinical trials have shown a mean reduction rate of 32.7 to 58.2% at one month, and 50.7 to 84.8% at six months. In most patients, nodule-related symptoms and cosmetic problems also significantly improved or disappeared. In a long-term follow-up study, radiofrequency ablation was effective over a four-year period with the nodules consistently decreasing to 93.5%.

For “hot” benign thyroid nodules (those that do produce excess thyroid hormone) clinical trials have shown volume reduction rates of 52.6 to 70.7% at six months, and improved or normalized thyroid function in most patients. In a multi-center study, hyperthyroidism caused by “hot” nodules improved in all patients and was completely normalized in 81.8% of patients. This led to the conclusion that radiofrequency ablation can be considered an alternative to thyroid surgery or radioactive iodine therapy.

The Features

RF Ablation System V-1000
  • Compatible with various electrode types
  • Various treatment algorithms in memory
  • 7” TFT LCD touch screen with smart UI
  • Advanced Self Test function
  • Easy PC Monitoring by USB
  • Easy S/W upgrade and data download by USB
  • Patient pad Monitoring System
  • Voice information system

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Our variety of brand new and used diagnostic medical imaging equipment offers a wide range of solutions no matter what your budget may be. If you’re looking for top-quality machines at a fantastic cost – you’re in the right place!

Thyroid RFA Equipment Training

Our expert team offers extensive training in the best practices for Thyroid Radiofrequency Ablation procedures. We help keep your equipment up to date and serviced at all times. Helping physicians improve patient care while improving ROI! 

RGS Healthcare Financing

This medical imaging equipment can be implemented into your practice with a low out-of-pocket cost of just $99.00 per month with our special RGS Healthcare Financing program. This is a huge benefit to all of our doctors so that you have the opportunity to build a positive cash flow in your practice without the high out-of-pocket cost. 

Thyroid RFA Video Testimonials

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