Skan-C Surgical C-ARM
by Skanray


Skan-C Surgical C-ARM by Skanray

The Skan-C by Skanray offers a NEW Surgical C-Arm with more robust features without the premium price. It offers a powerful but compact solution for your flouroscopy needs in interventional pain management, neurology (neuro), orthopedics (ortho), urology (uro) and peripheral vascular application. The Skan-C is an Alternative, Affordable, Brand New Surgical C-Arm that competes with the name brand c-arms in terms of quality and features at fraction of the cost!

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The SkanC Compact C-Arm by Skanray

The most robost and compact surgical c-arm that emits the least radiation

SKAN C provides unparalled radiation safety by using a fully integrated compact HF X-ray generator, capable of high performance and longer exposure sustainability at negligible leakage radiation. It also has a unity power factor controller working in the range of 99 V – 254 V AC which enables stable and high resolution imaging under a wide range of input variation. The pulsing capability ensures a low dose of examination. 

Product Information

Here are 3 more good reasons why to purchase a compact Skan-C Surgical C-Arm by Skanray:

1) It’s SIZE – with its compact space-saving design, it’s able to fit in just about any clinical room.  A low lateral height helps to reduce skin irradiation level and helps meet low height patient handling systems.  It’s extremely easy to manuveur and adjust due to the it being counter-balanced in every plane.

2) User Friendly – All movements are smooth, quiet and available at the press of a button. It’s high grade monitors offer adjustable angles that are mounted on a small footprint monitor cart. Intuitive GUI helps to speed up procedures for handling more operations in a given time. Reports can be customized with annotation, measurements, space-saving multiform print, and store options.

3) Service and Warranty – it comes standard with one of the best warranty coverages in the market.  Reduce downtown by allowing support to remotely log into the system and fix any software issues.  Service technicians are available to be onsite immediately.

It’s time for you to get what you really want. Choose a C-Arm that keeps up with your demand and technology’s advances.

Call us to find out why the Skan-C is one of the best value flourosocopy system in the marketplace! 

Skan-C Surgical C-ARM by Skanray – Specifications (Specs)

  • Patented High-Frequency generator technology  (80-250 kHz switching range), allowing for more high quality x-rays, and less scatter
  • Near Zero levels of leakage radiation
  • 2.2 kW dual processor monoblock generator with SkanSafe, a patented radiation shielding technology
  • Ideal for use in Neurology, Orthopaedics, Urology, Gastrointestinal, Pain management, Interventional & Peripheral Vascular Images
  • EDGE detection filter for Orthopaedics procedures, allowing visualization of metal and bone for optimal placement of hardware
  • Image capture with 1k x 1k resolution for exceptional image quality
  • 10.4” TFT LCD Touch console with optical encoder and hot keys for easy operation
  • Laser Aimer & Virtual Collimation for exposure-less alignment of Region of Interest
  • Vascular Mode, DSA, Trace & Roadmap features as standard
  • Virtual Dose management system to ensure absolute safety
  • Dose tracker records the dose of the study, and total dose for returning patients
  • Achieve high quality imaging with lower radiation dose to patient, and minimal scatter
  • Perfectly balanced system allows for effortless movement of the c-arm
  • Featuring removable JPI anti-scatter grid
  • Seamless DICOM integration included allowing for the transfer of images to your secure database
  • Incredible Speed – reboot the application within 15 seconds
  • UPS battery backup to prevent electrical damage or total system loss when the power cord removed
  • Remote Diagnostics – save time and money!