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Radio Frequency Thyroid Ablation - Effective Thyroid Treatment

RFA (Radio Frequency Ablation) is a safe and effective method for reducing the volume of Thyroid nodules without negative cosmetic effects.

Thyroid RFA is a preferable alternative to invasive surgery such as a thyroid resection. The ablation can be performed with less risk of complications, and more ease for the doctor when utilizing a system such as the V-1000.

In this article, learn why this non-surgical thermal treatment is so beneficial and effective, and how to perform it easily.

Radio Frequency Ablation Explained

After a decade and a half of intense study and pioneering from overseas medical experts, RFA has become available in the U.S.

This groundbreaking therapy is a non-surgical, minimally invasive therapy that has been proven to reduce the size of thyroid nodules and shrink recovery times.

RFA will likely become common practice as the first solution to benign thyroid nodule issues, due to lower complication rates and higher comfort levels of patients during and after the procedure.

Using an ultrasound device like the V-1000, doctors simply use a probe to ablate the nodules. As the tissue is cauterized, the body breaks it down and clears it from the patient’s body.


Dr. Richard Guttler
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Radio Frequency Thyroid Ablation - Clinical Evidence for Volume Reduction Efficacy

A 2019 study published in the National Library of Medicine found that RFA was significantly more effective than laser ablation for reducing the volume reduction ratio (VRR) of nodules.

Over time, RFA reduced volume by 87% compared to only 44% VRR from laser ablation.

Volume reduction is of primary concern for patients and doctors when treating the thyroid gland. Not only does it affect cosmetics and confidence for the patient, but also the functionality of the surrounding tissues.


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Long Term Benefits of RFA for Treating Thyroid Conditions

There are hundreds of studies proving the advantages of radiofrequency ablation for thyroid problems. Some important benefits to know, determined by one clinical study and confirmed by several others are:

1. Reduced Symptoms and Nodule Size

Thermal ablation has been clinically proven to provide long-lasting relief for patients. It reduces the size of nodules and the symptoms, for several years after the therapy. RFA was found to reduce nodule volume by 79.4% after 2 years. In addition, 88% of patients studied experienced zero compressive symptoms after 2 years. And compression symptoms were improved in every single patient.

2. Minimal Recurrence of Hyperthyroidism

After thermal ablation, hyperthyroidism is resolved in most people, with 79% of patients completely withdrawing from methimazole therapy (100% of patients with pretoxic thyroid nodules (TNs) and 53% of patients with toxic TNs).

3. Minimal Complications

In the clinical study referenced above, every patient tolerated the therapy. No one needed to be hospitalized after the RFA treatment, and zero complications were observed. These reduced risks make thermal ablation thyroid therapy safer and therefore more appropriate for patients, both in the long term and short term. Here are additional facts you should know about thermal ablation:

RFA Does Not Require General Anesthesia

Only one injection of anesthesia is required to numb the patient for RFA treatment. Patients can communicate during the procedure, and go home afterward. This reduces stress on medical center resources and staff while providing a more convenient treatment for your patients.

RFA For Thyroid Conditions is a Safe Alternative to Surgery

The medical field is rapidly agreeing that RFA provides fewer risks to patients than traditional surgery for thyroid nodules. Not only is this crucial for protecting the longevity of patients but also the reputations of the medical doctors who treat them. In addition, patients may avoid the need for surgery by undergoing thermal ablation therapy before their thyroid nodules grow too large. While surgery may be necessary at a certain point in nodule growth and compression, it should be avoided if at all possible.

Outpatient RFA Treatment is Still Relatively New

Medical practitioners have an opportunity to take the lead in educating their patients about RFA and its benefits. Many people suffering from enlarged thyroid glands may be unaware of their non-surgical options. With the right information at the right time, they can experience easy outpatient therapy that improves the quality of life and reduces lifelong complications. Doctors who are prepared to adopt this therapy in their practice will likely attract more patients, enhancing the number of lives they heal.


What Can RFA Treat?

RFA is effective for both hot and cold thyroid nodules. Even in “hot” nodules, hyperthyroidism has been shown to normalize in over 80% of patients.
You can offer radio frequency ablation instead of radioactive iodine therapy, laser therapy, or invasive surgery.

In addition to thyroid nodules, you can treat patients with ablation of other tissues like the lungs and kidneys. You can even treat Myoma via RFA, providing life-saving treatment in minimal time.



How to Perform Radio Frequency Ablation on the Thyroid?

Doctors should use a high-quality ultrasound machine when conducting RFA on a patient’s thyroid.

The E-Cube i7 or the E-Cube X70  is the best ultrasound imaging system for performing thermal ablation. The large LCD monitor allows you to see the patient’s thyroid gland, as well as the electrode tip very clearly.

This ensures that you safely, and methodically ablate the thyroid nodules — neither undertreating nor overtreating the area.

For your radiofrequency ablation machine, we recommend the Mygen V-1000 generator from RF Medical. It contains various treatment algorithms to ensure safe and precise thermal therapy, no matter which tissue you ablate.

At RGS, we provide consultation on how to safely and easily perform RFA using the V-1000.

Discover a Better, Safer, Easier Treatment for Thyroid Nodules

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