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Thyroid Radio Frequency Ablation Patient Guide: Step-by-Step

It’s possible to cause hyperthyroidism remission with thyroid radio frequency ablation. This exciting therapy has been proven across the globe in several countries to be safe and powerful in reducing the size of benign thyroid nodules. 

In fact, it’s even been used to treat cancerous thyroid growths as well. As a patient, whether you have a toxic or pre-toxic thyroid nodule, you can depend on radiofrequency therapy delivered by a qualified doctor.

It will help reduce the volume of the thyroid in a relatively short amount of time. In addition, the results can last for several years, in some cases permanently. Of course, this is all backed up by science and clinical studies from the most respected members of the medical community. 

Before diving into that, let’s first explain what exactly RFA for thyroid is and how it helps treat the thyroid conditions that you may have.

The Steps of Thyroid Radio Frequency Ablation Treatment

Ablation via radio frequency refers to heating up a portion of the thyroid nodule that destroys the overgrown tissue. Using an electrode probe, the surgeon or doctor will destroy precise parts of your thyroid nodule to prevent regrowth. 

This ablation procedure does not involve invasive surgery. In addition, the entire operation takes around half an hour. Follow-up is minimal and you can cease taking medications like methimazole for hyperthyroidism after the fact.

Benefits For Patients Undergoing RFA For Thyroids

Visibly and Physically Your Thyroid Nodule Size Quickly

The Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism published a study in 2015 that showed an average decrease in thyroid volume of 64.8% after six months. In addition, cosmetic qualities improved in every patient that was studied. 

RFA Advantages Compared To Alternative Thyroid Treatments

The volume reduction ratio of radiofrequency ablation is better than other surgeries like laser ablation. A comparative study found 87% reduction after 24 months of RFA versus just a 45% reduction after 24 months with laser surgery. 

Cosmetic concerns were also reduced as well as compressive symptoms in this study. 

Low Complications of RF Thyroid Ablation

No major complications or hospitalizations were found in a major study. And 79% of all patients were able to quit their methimazole therapy, resolving their hypothyroidism. 

In fact, 100% of those patients with pre-toxic thyroid nodules no longer needed their hypothyroidism medication. That’s not to mention that 88% of patients completely eliminated compressive symptoms, enabling them to improve their quality of life and reduce pain.

Long-lasting shrinkage

Thyroid nodule volume lasts several years based on studies done in 2017. This creates longevity that is often not found in other thyroid therapies.

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How the Process of Thyroid RF Treatment Works

When conducting this outpatient thyroid reduction technique, the doctor or surgeon will use specific equipment for the task. 

This usually includes local anesthetic, a grounding pad to avoid harmful electrical charges, and a n electrode probe (this creates the ablation at the point of the nodule). 

A needle guide allows the physician to slowly and surely ablate your excess thyroid tissue layer by layer. An ultrasound probe will be held against your neck to create x-ray imaging. 

As such, an ultrasound monitor allows the physician to see your thyroid and the needle during the entire operation. 

A machine called a radio frequency generator creates the ablation – in other words it provides the energy necessary to properly ablate the tissue.


Thyroid Radio Frequency Ablation Patient Guide: Key Equipment

The two most important pieces of equipment for this are the imaging system and the ablation machine. RGS Healthcare equips doctors with both. Let’s begin with imaging.

E-Cube I7 Ultrasound System

The Alpinion E-Cube i7 ultrasound device is a machine that uses state-of-the-art technology. It is designed to be user-friendly for doctors and medical professionals. It allows them to examine your thyroid and maintain full visibility for safe and effective thyroid ablation. 

It is used in a number of applications such as orthopedic, rheumatology, sports medicine, vascular, cardiac, breast, and of course thyroid imaging. The high-resolution imagery allows the physician to see exactly where the electrode needle is in your thyroid. 

This provides precision to only ablate the exact amount of thyroid tissue necessary to reduce volume and pre-cancerous growth. Its portability allows physicians to place it at the correct height and location during the procedure. 

While RF ablation typically takes under half an hour, the E-Cube i7 has an hour of battery life.

RF Generator

The Mygen V1000 is the best RF generator on the market. Again with any kind of thyroid treatment, safety is the first priority. Therefore, the RF generator comes with several algorithms that are pre-programmed to provide the exact amount of electricity or ablation for the tissue involved. 

For instance, the doctor simply has to choose the setting for the thyroid and the machine will deliver the correct amount of heat to remove the small amount of tissue in the thyroid at any given time. If your medical provider is equipped with a V1000 Mygen RF generator, you can rest assured that you are in good hands.

Thyroid Ablation with Radiofrequency Therapy – Conclusion

If you are dealing with hyperthyroidism or otherwise enlarged thyroid nodules, you are not alone. Like anyone, you want the most effective, safe, and convenient care for your condition. Unfortunately, surgeries like thyroidectomies can leave scarring and are incredibly invasive. 

Other therapies can cause complications while not reducing the thyroid as much and neither providing long-lasting nodule reduction. Luckily, if you ask your doctor about radiofrequency thermal ablation, you may be able to avoid the downsides of traditional thyroid treatment. 

It’s possible to eliminate your use of medications, avoid repeat surgeries, and reduce the size of your thyroid nodules for good. 

This can improve the cosmetics of your neck and throat area, reduce discomfort and pain, and prevent potentially cancerous or toxic thyroid nodules from becoming life-altering before it’s too late. 

Both patients and doctors are free to contact RGS Healthcare at any time for more information.