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March is the official Women’s History Month designated by the presidential proclamation. This month is a celebration of women’s contributions to American society, culture, and history. Women’s History Month was established by Congress in 1987. However, the women’s movement’s roots go back well over 100 years.

Did You Know? It all began as Women’s History Week.

The local celebration of Women’s History Month began in Santa Rosa, California. In 1978, Sonoma County (California) Commission’s Education Task Force planned and executed a celebration of Women’s History Week. The week of March 8 was selected by the organizers to correspond with International Women’s Day. Later, the movement rapidly spread as other communities initiated their Women’s History Week celebrations.

In 1980, a consortium of historians and women’s groups – administered by the National Women’s History Project successfully lobbied for national recognition. Then, in February 1980, the first presidential proclamation issued by President Jimmy Carter declared the week of March 8 as National Women’s History Week. Finally, in 1987, Congress passed Public Law 100-9 and designated March as National Women’s History Month

Why Is Women’s History Month Celebrated?

Women’s History Month reflects women’s courage in past generations and how their bravery and efforts afforded women the freedoms and opportunities they have today. We celebrate this March to remind ourselves of the women’s accomplishments in culture, society, science to politics throughout the years. 

Women Who Paved The Way in Medicine

RGS Healthcare would like to celebrate these 6 women doctors that have revolutionized healthcare with RFA.

Dr. Angela Mazza – Oviedo, Florida 

Angela Mazza is triple-board certified in Endocrinology, Internal Medicine, Regenerative Medicine, and Antiaging. She is also the founder of the metabolic Center for Wellness in Oviedo. Dr. Mazza is a thyroid specialist who earned her ECNU certification and specializes in radiofrequency ablation (RFA) procedures for thyroid nodules. She was the first female Endocrinologist in Florida to perform Thyroid RFA. 

Dr. Mazza supports her patients by empowering them with education and lifestyle management support as she diagnoses, treats, and manages conditions such as thyroid disease and hormonal imbalance. Her practice offers in-office Thyroid Radiofrequency Ablation. You can learn more about her practice today https://www.metaboliccenterforwellness.com

Dr. Bridget Brady – Austin, Texas

Honoring Women in Healthcare this March that have made history, we are extremely delighted to showcase Dr. Bridget Brady, who was the first female surgeon in Texas to perform RFA. She has extensive experience in endocrine surgery, including parathyroid, thyroid, and adrenal procedures. In Austin, she has performed advanced endocrine procedures such as radiofrequency ablation of thyroid nodules, which is a minimally invasive technique and requires a smaller incision than traditional surgery.

In 2006, at Marburg University Medical Center in Germany, she completed an endocrine surgery fellowship to enhance her skills in the treatment of endocrine system conditions. Visit the link to learn more about her practice here

Dr. Jennifer Kuo – New York, New York

We’re proud to present Dr. Jennifer Kuo, who is a board-certified surgeon-scientist and is nationally recognized for her expertise and experience in the surgical treatment of parathyroid, thyroid, and adrenal diseases. Dr. Kuo is also the first female surgeon to perform RFA of benign thyroid nodules in the country. She is one of the leading pioneers in effective and safe treatment alternatives for thyroid conditions, specifically thyroid RFAs. Moreover, currently, she is the only funded researcher in the U.S. who’s evaluating the efficacy and safety of these interventional techniques in benign nodules, indeterminate nodules, and low-risk small thyroid cancers. She also serves as Program Director of the Endocrine Surgery Research Program and Endocrine Surgery Fellowship Program. Her commitment to top-notch personalized care has been constantly recognized by Super Doctors and New York Magazine’s Top Doctor Awards. Learn more about Dr. Jennifer Kuo and her work at Columbia by visiting her site here.  

Dr. Kathleen E. Hands – San Antonio, Texas

We salute Dr. Hands for trailblazing her way through healthcare in Texas since she holds the distinction of being the first female endocrinologist to perform thyroid RFA in the country. She has been treating thyroid patients since 1979. Additionally, she is a thyroid ultrasonographer, thyroid cancer specialist, and the Thyroid and Endocrine Center of South Texas’ director, which is the only thyroid-dedicated endocrine specialty in the region. 

She believes in appointment time efficiency, courteous interaction with staff, and individualized treatment with the latest innovative technology and the highest standard of medical excellence. Learn more about Dr. Hands and her practice today here

Dr. Julia E. Nole

Dr. Julia E. Noel, MD – Stanford, California 

Dr. Noel completed her undergraduate work in Biochemistry/Cell Biology and Economics at the University of California in San Diego, eventually relocating to Stanford University, where she completed her fellowship and residency in Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery. Dr. Noel now specializes in the surgery of the thyroid and parathyroid glands, and lymph node dissections, and has advanced expertise in thyroid cancer, minimally invasive procedures, and ultrasound-guided techniques. 

She has truly been an inspiration to others, especially her patients, giving them a thorough education on what they can expect from her procedures, and patient care before, during, and after treatments. You can learn more about Dr. Julia E. Noel at Stanford Healthcare here

Dr. Cristina Boccalandro, MD, MPH – Houston, Texas

Dr. Cristina Boccalandro completed her specialty training in Internal Medicine at The University of Texas Health Science Center in Houston, Texas, completing her Masters in Public Health shortly after. Originally from Venezuela, Dr. Boccalandro completed her first MD degree at Universidad Central de Venezuela in Caracas. She had the opportunity to provide medical services to those in need in the Amazon jungle. 

Today, Dr. Boccalandro provides services at Houston Methodist Hospital. You can learn more about her practice by clicking here.  

Wrapping Up Our Fearless Females in Healthcare

As we are celebrating Women’s History Month, we’re proud to present these inspiring women who endured discrimination and deep-seated stereotypes, but went on to pursue their careers in medicine, won Noble Prize, and significantly improved the health of millions. In addition, these trailblazing women broke strong barriers for themselves and expanded our understanding of the alternate treatment of diseases such as radiofrequency ablation of thyroid nodules.

Radiofrequency ablation procedures are conducted and clinically proven positive results increase, the techniques and devices for radiofrequency ablation of thyroid nodules will continue to evolve. Understanding the most effective RFA technique and choosing the optimal treatment strategy is essential for patient safety and to optimize treatment efficacy. Our manufacturer, RF Medical Co., Ltd., is a medical company whose prime aim is to popularize radiofrequency ablation treatments. 

RGS Healthcare is the most credible medical equipment distributor with over 10 years of experience. RGS Healthcare adopts advanced technologies to improve the product quality and offers top-notch medical equipment, including but not limited to RFA system, C-Arm, Extremity MRI systems, and Ultrasounds while listening to your clinical needs and budgetary restrictions. 

RGS Healthcare helps medical practitioners and healthcare systems by embracing life-transforming technologies to provide diverse medical equipment that is crucial to your clinical needs. Contact us today for your consultation. 

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